Daniel Dut

Daniel Dut

Full Stack Software Engineer

Experienced in Ruby (& Ruby on Rails), JavaScript (& React, Redux, jQuery), Java (& Android), PHP, RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3). I also touch on networking (Cisco) and PC fixation (CompTIA A+). I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (Security & Networking Fundamentals).

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Projects worked on so far...

Empower Youth Africa (EYA)

EYA is a youth-centered organization that strives to promote activities like sports, cultural shows and competitions. Among its goals is to forge ways to keep youth from different parts of the country to co-exist peacefully through interactions in activities.

Visit this site at https://www.eyafrica.org

Kondit Landscaping

Kondit Landscaping is a family-owned business based in Manchester, NH providing services ranging from lawn mowing to concrete wall construction. 'Want your patio built? Kondit Landscaping is the right company for that job...'

Visit this site at https://www.konditlandscaping.com

Merciful Relief International

Merciful Relief deals with disadvantaged children in rural and urban areas of South Sudan to provide them with basic needs and services like food, clothing, shelter and scholastic materials. It also runs schools for these children.

Visit this site at https://www.mercifulrintl.org


Tjkeys is an online keyboard for typing in Dinka language. It breaks down the barrier walls between the traditional hardware keyboards that don't support Dinka characters out of the box. Give it a shot and see for yourself how worderful it is. :)

Visit this site at https://www.tjkeys.com

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